Garden Buildings

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ZL Garden Design are available to consult regarding a range of commercial projects including offices, new housing projects and bars and restaurants.

Most commercial office environments lack a calming relaxing space for employees to take a break without leaving the grounds of the building. The use of aromatic planting in hot spaces with shaded areas, can provide the perfect space to release tensions built up through a tough morning and set up employees for a fresh and productive afternoon. When designing commercial gardens, it is vital to look at how a space will be used, and create an environment that works in harmony with employees activities.

We have experience of building carefully thought out gardens for bars in Brighton, to include the Open house pub, the Hobgoblin and the Good Companions in 7 dials.

New housing build is increasingly improved by the addition of professionally designed and build gardens from the outset. We are keen to develop links with architects and property developers to enhance this area of our portfolio.